Marriage and Party at Aravali Vista, Gurgaon

Outdoor Marriage and Party Place

At Aravali Vista, we make sure to create the magic that you dream of for your special day!
We have a lush and landscaped lawn spread over 2000 sq. ft., tailored for marriage and parties. This outdoor event venue can accommodate up to 250 guests, and can be customised as per your requirements. Audio-Visual equipment will also be provided at the venue.
The lawn is splendidly maintained and spacious enough to accommodate a large crowd in floating or a theatre setting. The weather here is calm in the evenings making it the perfect time to commence the event.
Facade2 Aravalli Vista Gurugram
Main Villa Aravalli Vista Gurugram

Indoor Marriage and Party Place

Celebrate your big day without any hassle at Aravali Vista, Gurgaon!
Indoor Marriage and Party Place at the hotel, spread over 1500 sq. ft., are splendidly maintained and facilitated. The hall, with space to accommodate about 50 guests, offer modern-day amenities such as air -conditioning, Wi-Fi, audio-visual equipment. The interiors can be customised as per your needs; management of events by professionals, and courteous services adds to making your celebrations a memorable one!

Resort Package

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Enjoy organizing marriages at our exotic location with exciting halls and modern facilities. The auspiciousness of your occasion will be better than you ever imagined.

Enjoy for just Rs 50,000/- only.

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