Facilities at Aravali Vista, Gurgaon

Banquet2 Aravalli Vista Gurugram

Outdoor Bar

Aravali Vista, Gurgaon offers you a stunning and picturesque outdoor bar which provides an ideal location to sit down and have a few drinks with friends and family.The bar is accessible to all guests who bring alcohol with them and will be ready to serve you with some of the greatest drunk nights of your life. 

Golf Aravali Vista Gurgaon

Outdoor Sports

Aravali Vista,Gurgaon,offers you a big playground fit to play golf, rugby, volleyball, cycling, football and anything you can possibly play with open ground. The resort also offers you with an option to play darts or chess too. We understand the effect games have on relaxation, which helps us to deliver these to you.

Lobby2 Aravalli Vista Gurugram

Pool Table

Aravali Vista, Gurgaon,offers all its guests with an opportunity to try their hand at pool. The pool table is big enough to play 8 or 9 ball games as per your wish.Its always a joy to see our guests having a gala time around the pool table.

Hotel Grounds5 Aravalli Vista Gurugram

Swimming Pool

Aravali Vista, Gurgaon, has a well-maintained swimming pool which is open to its guest all around the clock.The pool is constructed in the famed Fontana della Barcacia model so that you can skip going to Spain to get drunk in this beautiful pool.

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